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Koers & Associates Engineering Ltd. projects comprise the full spectrum of municipal, residential, commercial, industrial, and environmental infrastructure development and upgrading.


From inventory management to computer modelling, to feasibility studies to grant application assistance, Koers offers a wide range of project planning services.

Asset management requires an accurate inventory of assets. Sometimes this can be part of a master plan or its own exercise. We have the resources to collect, review and analyze record data, and conduct field investigations to compile an accurate summary of utility systems or road networks.

Having the accurate location of underground utilities assists operators, planning, engineering and third parties. With our up-to-date robotic survey instruments and AutoCAD Civil 3D technologies we are able to compile utility maps using raw GIS data provided or from infrastructure location surveys we carry out.

Master Plans provide a roadmap to guide current and future operation, maintenance and upgrades, now and into the future. We provide Master Plan models and studies for water, sanitary sewer and drainage systems to assist municipalities in identifying current areas of concern, future capital projects and to carry out development reviews to ensure the municipal services to be installed will accommodate future development needs.

Koers is capable of assisting municipal governments in the submission of grant applications ranging from Infrastructure Planning Study Grants, upgrade of existing infrastructure to meet growing demands or regulatory requirements, to construction of new infrastructure to service future needs. We are able to provide supporting documentation, application review, or completion of the entire application.

In response to staffing shortages or complex engineering design projects, Koes has assisted a number of Island municipalities in carrying a review of development applications, including development of PLA’s, subdivision servicing design drawings, site servicing design drawings, and municipal infrastructure upgrade/replacement projects.

A feasibility study is used to assess if one or more suggested projects are appropriate to address the identified need(s). Feasibility studies often include: an assessment of each option (benefits and limitations); identification of regulatory requirements/approvals; project timeline from selection to completion of construction; estimated cost for to implement the options; and recommendations on how to proceed. Koers is well experienced in carrying out feasibility studies ranging from addressing existing system issues to assessing options to meet future needs.

We provide computer modelling using licensed industry leading programs for water systems using WaterGems (by Bentley), and sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems using XP-SWMM (by XP Solutions). We are able to model entire municipal systems or individual locations and service areas. Computer modelling is an integral part of Master Planning and detailed engineering design assignments. Water modelling is often used to assess the ability of the water distribution system to maintain adequate service levels during peak hour demands and to provide appropriate and sustained fire-fighting flows in accordance with existing zoning and future (OCP) land-use conditions. Storm drainage modelling has been used to recreate historical rainfall events to verify eye witness reports and post event observations, and assess the performance of potential improvement options.

Detailed Design

Our design services include topographic surveys, drafting, preliminary & detailed design, as well as costruction cost estimates, contract document preparation, and permit applications.

  • Topographic Survey
  • Drafting
  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Cost Estimates
  • Contract Document Preparation
  • Permit Applications

Tendering & Construction

We offer project management services, commissioning, record drawing, and tender & contract administration. We also provide construction inspection & layout surveys.

  • Tender Administration
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Construction Layout Survey
  • Construction inspection
  • Record Drawing Preparation
  • Commissioning Services
  • O&M Manual Preparation

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