Crown Isle 14th Hole Drainage Improvements

  • Silverado Land Corporation
  • Comox Valley, BC
  • Completed 2019

This project included construction of a new lake to reduce peak flows and optimize storage requirements within the Crown Isle drainage system. The storage volume has been maximized to suit the available area, and the orifice structure has been designed to maximize storage volume for the more frequent storm events.

Construction of a new ditch system downstream of Lake 14, complete with habitat enhancement, and installation of a new box culvert crossing under the extension of Crown Isle Drive. Re‐grading and improving the existing open channel downstream of Lake 13.2 to improve flow capacity and freeboard, enhance the habitat for fisheries resources, and provide better slope stability.

Modifications to the existing overflow weir at Lake 20, upgrades to the existing overflow structure to improve recapture of surface flow, and construction of an emergency overflow swale to Parry Place.

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